Summer Course on Nano and Quantum Technologies

In June 2022 the University of Cassino and Southern Lazio hosted a long meeting dedicated to the


Nano-Modified Screen-Printed Electrodes for the Determination of Organic Pollutants

TECHNICAL PAPERS_01 A. Di Tinno, A. Cataldo, L. Ferrigno, A. Maffucci, S. Bellucci, L. Micheli


Maffucci gives two seminars at INP

Prof. Antonio Maffucci, 2DSense project team leader, Full Professor of Electrotechnics with the


Migliore gives two seminars at INP

Prof. Marco Donald Migliore, Head of the Microwave Laboratory by Cassino University, gives two


Maksimenko gives two seminars at Unicas

Prof. Sergey Maksimenko, 2DSense project team leader, Director of the Institute for Nuclear


Kuzhir gives two seminars at Unicas

Polina Kuzhir, PhD, 2DSense project team leader representing the University of Eastern Finland,


Dissemination seminars, May-June 2021

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