The Research Consortium for Energy and Technology Application of Electromagnetics (CREATE)

Via Claudio 21, 80125 Naples (Italy) –

CREATE share human resources and technical facilities for joint researchs in the field of energy and applied electromagnetics. Specifically, the present project will be carried out at the CREATE sites at the following Universities:

  • the University of Cassino and Southern Lazio (with the NPD co-director prof. Antonio Maffucci)
  • the University of Naples Federico II
  • the University of Naples “Parthenope”

The Research activity carried out at CREATE is mainly focused on the following themes: computational electromagnetism, modeling, model order reduction, device design and integration, electromagnetic compatibility, nanotechnology, testing and characterization. This activities is carried out in the frame of several internationally-funded projects (e.g., EU-H2020, bi-lateral calls, F4E, etc..) and national ones, in strategic sectors (energy, environment, aerospace, IoT, Smart City)

The activities of this project related to device design, integration and testing will be carried out at the CREATE-University of Cassino and Southern Lazio, Department DIEI

•LAMI (Laboratory for Industrial Measurements), fully equipped for industrial characterization (electrical, thermal and mechanical testing according to the national and international standards). The Lab is also a Research Center in the sector of industrial, scientific and legal-regulatory metrology and related instrumentation. A specific activity of the Lab related to this project is the development of sensor networks for IoT and Industry 4.0, and intelligent distributed systems

•EMCLAb (Electromagnetic Compatibility Laboratory), fully equipped for EMC testing according to international standards for ICT, automotive and aerospace applications.

Available equipment

Stabilized power supplies and power amplifiers. Arbitrary function generators and high performance RF generators. Medium performance waveform generators. Agilent 9kHz-3GHz spectrum analyzers. HP 5662A network analyzer. Signal processing systems based on Digital Signal Processors. 4.5, 5 and 6.5 digit multimeters. Keythley 6.5+ switch matrix multimeter. 8.5 digit HP multimeter. Analog and numerical oscilloscopes. High performance electronic meters. Portable and PC data acquisition systems. Systems for the remote control of instruments. Multifunction calibrator FLUKE 6600A with option sc600. Digital bridge RLC (Impedance meter). Galvanometers, voltmeters, ammeters and wattmeters. Measuring station VXI (Function generators + data acquisition and digital I / O). Logic Analyzer Tektronix TLA5200 with relative probes and connectors. Single ended and differential active and passive current and voltage probes up to 500V. ZigBee, WiFi and BlueTooth remote communication systems. Interface cards and IEEE 488 BUS. Multifunction instruments for checking the panels according to the 64/8 standard. Digital Wattmeters. Data logger for PQ. Impedance meters. Spectrum analyzers. Climatic chamber.


Prof. Antonio Maffucci​ | NPD (NATO Country Partner Director)
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