Results can pave the way of new technological solutions by End Users partners

Technological solutions

The assessment of the fabrication technologies for the 2D materials investigated in WP1 and their exhaustive characterization (also including the structural and morphological one) will be a first result of the project that can be further investigated by the end-user NANESA. Such a Company today produces graphene-related materials, such as nanocomposite films, for industrial applications in markets like the aerospace or the automotive ones.

This end-user is highly interested in including new 2D materials in its production, as for instance those based in the van der Waals heterostructures. For this reason, during the project it will have an active role in supporting the synthesis phase and defining fabrication procedures that could be industrially scalable. After the project, the end-user plans to enlarge the characterization of these materials, including the analysis of the electromagnetic and thermal responses, in view of their possible in additional applications, such as electromagnetic shielding or fire resistance coatings.

At the end of this project, after demonstrating the proof-of-concept of the sensor, the end-user plans to work on the further step of integrating directly the nanomembranes into such a platform, in order to add new features to one of its best-selling products.

The social and academic backings

ARESCOSMO is producing devices for individual and collective protection, such as chemical protective suits and CBRN protection systems, as a major supplier of the Italian Ministry of Defense. Given its expertise, its guidance role in this project will be extremely important for the characterization of the sensor in terms of response to warfare agents, as detailed in WP3.


After the project, this end-user plans to design new devices by integrating the low-power and low-cost sensing platform produced by SENSICHIPS with new functionalities enabling the collective work of network of sensors, following the IOT (internet of Things) paradigm.

It is important to stress that, although the results of this project will be applied by the end-users (and then they will come to their customers, such as public bodies related to the Defense), they will be also made public and available to the benefit of the community through the dissemination actions described in the next Section “Communication”.


Arescosmo S.p.A. Active company in the national and international defense and aerospace market. Company core business are individual and collective protection devices and systems, such as the CBRN and COLPRO. ARESCOSMO is direct supplier for Italian Ministry of Defense for these devices.

Nanesa S.r.L. Innovative start-up born in 2013, NANESA is specialized in the production of innovative materials related to graphene – such as nanocomposite film – developed for industrial applications in competitive markets including the aerospace industry.

Sensichips S.r.L. A company strongly focused on Research & Development in the field of measurements and controls of physical relevance, SENSICHIPS is an Italian SME active on the national and international defense market, specialized in the field of sensors for both civil and military applications.

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